One of the catch phrases in business today is “out of the box thinking”.  Today more and more project teams are comprised of people from different backgrounds, who will often bring “out of the box thinking” with fresh ideas and new approaches to the workplace.  The challenge is that diverse teams will also bring a diversity of understandings and expectations regarding teamwork and process.

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With the growth in globalization, managers increasingly need to work in culturally diverse groups. The challenge, however, is that these groups bring different understandings and expectations regarding group dynamics and communication. The question becomes how a manger can effectively work with a team, being attentive to the diversity while still creating the structure required for success.

Text Box: Addressing Communication Issues When Managing Multicultural Teams


What are the effects of cultural diversity on project management? Of the many resources utilized in project-based work, the most important—and the most unpredictable—are people. While supplies, time and cost can be quantified and risks determined and managed, the human element remains the hardest one to manage consistently.

Text Box: Examining the Effects of Cultural Diversity on Project Management
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Intercultural Focus

The United States is an increasingly multicultural society and many programs exist to help non-native speakers learn and adapt to communicating in English.  The question becomes what can native English speakers do to communicate more effectively with their non-native counterparts?


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